This is Never Going to Work

Author: Jesse Kaminsky

“This is never going to work, this is totally not going to work. Why am I even doing this, this is crazy!”

“Ok, look, calm down. First of all, you have to understand that there’s no going back on this. Things won’t ever be like they were before but listen, that can be ok. I mean do you really want to go back to how things were?”

“Yeah, I totally do. 100 percent I do”

“No. Look, before was only good for you, not for anyone else. That’s not cool anymore, not for you not for anyone. Nobody’s on top anymore.”

“What does that even mean. You guys say that all the time, it’s become like a slogan. Like completely lost all its meaning.”

“No, it really hasn’t if you just take a second to try to understand where it’s coming from it’s actually pretty succinct and on point to this.”

“Ok, fine.”


“Yeah, fine school me.”

“Ok, “Nobody’s On Top” is like a socio-structural framework that just means that we’re removing power dynamics from our relationships. It looks like a movement but it’s actually just a set of these kind of tools that you can use to push humanity forward. It isn’t being pushed by anyone like what you used to think of as political movements so you don’t need to worry about the secret motives of the organizers because, like I said, there are no organizers. It’s self-organizing. Also, the people who are involved don’t have secret motives because, again, like I said, they’ve removed the power dynamics from their relationships. That’s the main tenet.”

“The main tenant?”

“Yeah, that’s like goal number one of the N.O.T. people. It’s called “Rebalancing.” Well they call it Rebalancing. To like remove everyone’s incentive to get one over on someone else. Not to remove the unconscious desire, that was developed over the entire course of human evolution and it’s going to take a looong time to get rid of that. But the idea is that that stuff is not useful to us as a species anymore. Not only not useful, it’s become super harmful. The people who developed the N.O.T. protocols have developed these, like mechanisms and technics that they use to strip away all that stuff, or at least one’s ability to enact it.

So, like most of that competitive stuff people do is a combination of unconscious, ingrained stuff that we inherited from back when it really was kill and survive as an individual or the whole human race might go extinct. Ok so, mix that with all the stories and whatever that we’ve consciously made up over the course of human history to rationalize and justify all those unconscious survival tendencies and you get the contemporary person. Or at least the kind of person that thrived in our culture like 50 years ago. Right? A mixture of stories and ingrained attitudes that really wore out it’s usefulness like a long time ago. So, according to what we know it totally worked for some people but most of everyone else was kind of pushed out like there was something wrong with them. Treated as inferior because they were weak, but only weak within this framework that was created with some very few individuals in mind.

So, the N.O.T. strategies are about recognizing all that stuff, removing the effectiveness of those unconscious tendencies and simultaneously making some new stories that can guide us towards a different way of being. In fact, the whole thing is itself a story about a new way of being, something that can work better for everyone.”

“Ok, do you even know how you sound right now?”


“Ok, ok, jesus fucking Christ!”

“Bill!  You know how important this could be for you. This isn’t the end. This isn’t like the old days when what you did was like a total game over for someone like you. Back then you would be just, like, done. Like completely like “we’re not dealing with you anymore. You’re sick and we don’t that around because it might be socially contagious and we certainly don’t want that in our society like AT ALL!” They obviously totally didn’t understand where this was coming from because they seem to have thought that people somehow decide how they were going to act all the time and should be held accountable for it as if they had any control over anything AT ALL! It’s like they were super caught up in the story of self-determination and individual success and all those weird ideas that we’re still struggling with even today!”

“Ok, alright alright I get you. So, I’m feeling lots of feelings now and I can recognize that they’re temporary because you’re challenging me so I’m going to make the executive decision in my brain to just table those for now and move on. For now. CONTINGENT! Let’s say that I do submit to this procedure, what then?”

“Ok so first of all you have to know that The Rebalancing doesn’t require submission from you and it isn’t a procedure. You’re going to be a participant, like a fully functioning and important part of the whole in this process.  It’s also not a procedure or whatever because it isn’t authored. We don’t know what the outcome will be and we don’t fully know what all the steps are yet, not until we start. Together we determine those things as we move through the process. But the steps are super important when they do happen because they are the embodiment of The Rebalancing. They are like the mold that the future will be cast in. Ok? So, some of them are electochemical and some of them are dialogic and some are kind of completely altogether apart from that stuff so you have to be ready for some real mind-expanding stuff. You don’t get to take the lead in there and, knowing, that’s going to be a challenge so just get this in your pre-balanced brain now: We don’t want “you.”

Ok ok, don’t freak out. Bill, stop it. Ok listen to me. We don’t want you to be a you, we need you to be an us. Yeah ok I know that part sounds a little slogany but we’re still working on the language. Ok, but it boils down to this, and this is the first step in the Rebalancing: Understand that you do not live in your brain and the thing that you think of as you does not end at your skin. Ok? Bill?”


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