Author: Missy Whiteman 

This is Charlie, he is 14 years old. His name carries 7 generations before him, when ancestors began the healing journey for The People.

This was the beginning of The Star Map, that had been broken and scattered across the physical and spirit dimensions. This map connected sacred earth sites with their celestial mates.

His Ancestors once afraid to dream, once afraid to imagine a future where everyone is healed from Historical Trauma, indifference, divide and conquer, capitalist mental illness.

The fall of the empire, eyes witnessed time shift and protocol become meditation and open soul energy exchange, healing without instruments, hands or touch.

HUMAN BEINGS, the ultimate state of understanding, a place where Charlie exists as a spirit in human form. Spirit connect, DNA memory, strings of love and stardust braided from the strands of ancestors’ lifelines 7 generations beyond.


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