is time linear?
maybe it is circular
either way, we’re now

Ancestors in training, speak
Wildest dreams fit for grandkids

back and forward, reach
for whose dreams are we fit from?
we aren’t only ours

All runs through us, one river
Be like water, shape oceans

flowing constantly
space, a tool for our best work
time, an illusion

Space:Time asks to be molded
We Bend the arc towards our dreams

when moonlight reveals
those deepest wishes unknown
tremble at their strength

infinity’s long power
brought to bear within our wishes

What weight can be freed
As wings lift, the veil falls free,
No myth unshaken

yet if freedom is commitment
where might (un)caged birds fly but home

Your mothers arms knew
What futures your ribs contained
Encrypted marrow

every birth holds life anew
ashes to flesh, dust to bone

New worlds incarnate
Fingertips spark galaxies
Best days yet to come

begin with the mind
manifest with the body
confirm with the heart

The backstory…

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